[Help] Smp5 Extreme Lag

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  1. Hello Empire,

    I have had some extreme lag on smp5...

    - The lag occurs only in the smp5 end dimension
    - The lag can be described as latency - I click then 10 seconds later the server would respond.
    - I try to kill endermen. I click and then 10 seconds later they would die.
    - I right click an enchantment table. It takes 10 seconds to respond to everything - putting the item in, clicking on level 30, and taking the book out.
    - I tried to ping internetpulse.net and lost all packets that I sent.
    -Whenever I'm not connected to smp5 and in the end I get back 4/4 packets.
    EDIT: - Now I get a 100% packet loss in the nether...

    So, I really have no idea. This renders the smp5 end unplayable to me and I have no idea what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey, just thought I'd mention me and Rainbow are looking into this right now :)
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  3. Got a performance report. Looks to be tile entities again, potentially pistons.

    is there any known major piston based farm running?
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  4. Just an enderman farm, where I am, and that's where I get the lag... But for major piston farms, I don't know.