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  1. I made up a signature for myself but i cannot work out how to get it to work it just shows up with
  2. Right, it did take a little while before I discovered where this went wrong, now I have:

    Yeah, you can't simply paste (control-v) an image here. What you need to do is place the image on an image website, I'd personally suggest Imgur (link), upload it there and then use the links which they generate and paste that into your EMC signature section.

    Maybe good to know: on Imgur you can actually use control-v to upload a (single) picture.

    Also; I don't know from mind how long Imgur will keep pictures around but if you're going to be using pictures for a longer time then you might want to register with them. That allows you to keep your own selection of pictures, even sort them out into albums, and it will make these pictures easier to find again if you ever need to get the URL once more.

    Hope this can help!
  3. I registered for imgur and i tried uploading it on there but i couldnt work it out. i tried CTRL +v but it didnt work
  4. You have several options.

    Load the picture in an image viewer of some sorts and press control-c. Then go to Imgur & log on. Go to your pictures (hover over your name in the upper right corner & click "images" in the menu). You should now see something like this:

    You can now do 2 things. First: click on the green text in the control box in the upper right corner (the text which says 'drag and drop'). After you've done that click control-v to paste. That should trigger an upload.

    Second option: click "upload images" (upper menubar, more to the left, next to the Imgur logo). After you clicked that you'll see something like this:

    Now you have multiple options. One is to hit control-v, but you can also simply open a file browser on your computer, find the image file you want to use and then drag & drop it into the box on the webpage.

    Finally, and maybe this is easier on you: click the "browse your computer" section, then just point the "load window" to the image file which you want to upload.

    Hope this can help!
  5. It would usally help but i created the signature on word (nooby me!) and when i copy the picture then do CTRL+V on imgur it does nothing =P
  6. You can handle that too. Yeah, a Word document won't work, you'll definitely need an image for this. Unless you'd settle for a signature which consists of text. But you can "convert" it, although it would be a little bit of a hack I guess...

    Alas, I do assume you're using Windows here, if not then you may need to do some things different but unfortunately I can't help there because I don't have much experience with Mac environments:
    • Get an imagine viewer / manipulator, I'd personally recommend IrfanView.
    • Open your Word document, make sure it displays your signature (optionally you can set it to full screen), then press alt-printscreen. Or just print screen when in full screen I suppose.
    • Open IrfanView and press control-v (paste), you should now see your signature within Word.
    • Select the area of your signature, then press control-y; this will crop the image, so it removes everything but the selected region.
    • If you're satisfied with this result press control-c again.
    Now just follow the procedure I mentioned above to upload this onto Imgur. Once you've done that you can then follow the suggestions before that to get it into your EMC signature.

    As said, this is a little bit of a hack but it should at least produce some kind of signature ;)
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  7. Ok, thanks!
    EDIT: Its working so far ;)

  8. Yay! Thanks Mr. Luser ;)
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  9. grrrr :mad:

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