HELP REQUEST: Got stuck on edge of wastelands

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  1. Hi all, I need an admin or mods help. I was in the wastelands of SMP6 and was walking. I somehow found the edge of the map and was given the notice 'You may not move any further in this direction'. Except it then glitched and would not allow me to move at all. Then suddenly I began to lose health and then died because of suffocation even though I could not move at all.
    I had a full inventory on me and would like to ability to recover everything if possible. Thanks.

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  2. I have collected most of your items and another staff member has returned them to your res, to the chest to the right of your front door.
  3. That happened to me before as well. BigDavie came along and saved me :) But it is really dangerous and should be fixed somehow.
  4. lol, as you died, AeacusVII did to :p
  5. Much thanks all!
  6. I remember this happened to me once on an adventure too. I got stuck and have to Deathtomb come and push me out with a water bucket.
  7. (he is AeacusVII :p )
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  8. Hahahaha I did not see that :p
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  9. Hopefully this will be fixed in the 1.8 update, as you can set world borders, and you will be able to see where it ends
  10. On the bright side, if anybody is looking for a market on SMP6, just say /v +TheMarket
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  11. I don't think this is the right place to put that.
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  12. I saw it in the picture, assumed that it could be vital.
  13. Why is there a border anyways, like there should be infinite resources until restart, when there's more resources
  14. not exactly, but AeacusVII owns that res :p
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  15. It helps to prevent lag. And 8,000 x 8,000 blocks is a ton of resources.
  16. When is the wastelands set to be reset next? I feel like everytime I head out there I am coming across the same looted structures, npc villages, and mine shafts.
  17. They reset after every update. Also, if you want more resources, try other servers or other spots in the wastelands