Help.. Newbie stuck at the edge of wasteland

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  1. I am stuck at the edge at waste land .. It wont let me move just keeps telling me i may not move in this direction ... I have a few thing in my inventory and i also have a donkey somewhere near by ... What do i do ???
  2. Ask a moderador for help. Or remeber where you are, then kill your self, then get back to get your stuff back.
  3. You cannot got past 4000/-4000 in any direction. Simply turning around and keep within the boundaries. If you cant move ANY direction, contact a mod.
  4. This was my first long adventure ... I am very new to mine-craft and the empire so i wasn't aware of the boundaries .. i am 100% stuck ... i cant really do anything as its glitching constantly .. There is no way to even kill myself ... I blame this on the donkey , as i was looking for him :)
  5. I tried to open chat to contact an mod ... but the message "you may not move any farther in this direction keeps coming up so many times its impossible to chat to anyone ...
  6. Ya, sometimes you have to play with it a little.
    Hitting F3 to see what direction you need to face, and then trying to get that way is how I get out most of the time.
    Just be glad it is not warping you into the side of a mountain.
    That has happened to me before, and it suffocates you!

    But try to move just a little, maybe try jumping and slowly moving.
    The 'TP' "timer" on how fast it warps you back to the edge should be adjusted so that we have at least a chance to get out...a little easier? Maybe?
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  8. If yuo have an ender pearl, Throw it anywhere. It will tp you (hopefully) closer to the 3999 mark. This is a trick I've used to get unstuck multiple times and it works most of the time.
  9. i manage to get out by hitting all the movement keys and jumping ... took a while but it did work ... ty for all your replies ... and this is a lesson learned :)
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  10. Even if you try to pay attention, you may still run into this from time to time...
    or...maybe...its just me being derpish...
    Hitting F3 helps to stay a bit away from the edges...

    Still, would be nice to see the player TP back to the edge command not run as fast as it is.
    Maybe have it happen like 5 times fast, then give like a two second break.
    Dont know. There is probably some horrid drawback to having a delay in the TP that I don't know about.
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