help needed with The END

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  1. how do i return alive from the end i dont know how
  2. Theres a portal.
  3. End it's off, idk how you got there (or i didn't read some news about justin activating it again :confused:)
    Anyways, just contact senior staff (if they havent seen this yet) and they can tp you out of there.
  4. End was reenabled.
  5. Correction. Contact an admin, Nobody can tp except admins.
  6. i found the portal thnks :D
  7. You train with the endermen till you learn how to teleport.
  8. IPwnCreeps:
    at Senior Staff (and maybe moderators, i have no idea tho) can TP from-to-players :)

    Thanks *.*
  9. Lol I guess ask the Ender King and Queen. The ender race's masters
  10. Moderators can tp to players, but they cant tp players to them. Sr staff used to not be able to, If that has changed i was unaware.
  11. It was i believe, because Dark_Liz tp'ed sunnydayz100 out of nether bedrock.
  12. Liz is master of the nether, Liz's powers are incresed there. lol.
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