SunnyDayz100 is stuck

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  1. the player SunnyDayz100 is stuck in the nether INSIDE bedrock and is unable to move. I am requesting an admin teleport her back to spawn or somewhere.
  2. Wait, inside?

    Tell sunny to relog then type "/town"
  3. /town should work for him, was this solved?
  4. It's she on the nether protected area? if no, the only way she could get inside bedrock would be an epic bug :p
  5. i like it :) (NOT)
  6. SunnyDayz100 was rescued, yes.

    Apparantly /town was attempted and didn't work (??).
  7. that's good to know :D
  8. They said that Sunny was in the Nether Bedrock. If that was the case, logging out and logging in should have moved 'em to on top of the nether bedrock where /town can be used...

    except it didn't?
  9. wat is netherbedrock?
  10. It's the bedrock that covers the top and bottom limits of the nether world.
  11. How did she manage that? Getting encased in bedrock, I mean. That sounds terrible! I got trapped in an end portal yesterday, but d1223m and JustinGuy saved me!
  12. What SynnyDayz experienced is a bug that can happen once in a while when you disconnect while in a location in the Nether that has two blocks of height or less (like if you're standing in a low tunnel or someone fills the space you were in when you disconnected).

    The Nether has bedrock on top as well as on the bottom. With this glitch you end up stuck above the Nether's top bedrock. It looks like a plane of bedrock with a red sky that stretches on forever. Quite dismal. :)

    I beleive Deltairia's comment about SunnyDayz being 'in' the bedrock may have been a misunderstanding or a typo. 'On' would have been the correct preposition in this case.

    All I know about /town here is that SunnyDayz claimed to have tried it, and that in didn't work... and that I thought Justin had made it so people could escape from that situation by using it.
  13. This happened to me once, Thanks jeremy :)
  14. I think what happened is that, since bedrock is not a flat wall the entire way through, Sunny got stuck inside a chamber of bedrock (which is entirely possible) and could not get out by normal /town means. While it may seem far-fetched, that is the only reason I can think of that would make sense in the situation of not being able to teleport out.
  15. This is a bug that happens since long time ago, it happens in 2 possibilities: Making a 3 tall 1 wide "room" and leave the bedrock UP from that room. Then as fast as you can, drop gravel from the 3rd block down (3 gravel blocks, it can be sand also) you will start to get killed by the blocks, then just logout/login and you will be on top of the bedrock.

    This comonly (as liz said) happens also when a room it's 2 block's tall or a bit more, then when you login /logout the location on the y axis may change.
    Or she just hacked the server and got bedrock, then placed it all around her xD *troll section, this isn't supposed to be a true affirmation, don't get mad :p*
  16. In the nether bedrock is entirely flat, i have been there done that
  17. have sence, since it's supposed to be the "roof" of the nether.
  18. It occupies the top 5 layers of the map. That means you can get stuck inside of it. :)
  19. Ah okay, I thought it was only one thick? Is that an edit by EMC? Because i tested on creative