Help Needed for Massive Project!

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  1. Hey gang! My name is Devon, better known as jellybutter123 on EMC, and I'm here today to request your help with a project so massive, it'll take months to complete! What I aim to do, is to create a massive, (partially) self sustaining community farm that will encompass food, animals, wool, and more! My hope is to make it easy for people to collect items like food easily and cheaply, without the hassle of going into the wild just to obtain a few steaks, or have to waste your rupees on something that will be gone in five minutes. Of course the food and farming materials will cost rupees, but no where near the ridiculous amount that is asked by the Empire shop OR some res'. You will be able to simply come to the shop, click a sign, and be on your way home with an inventory of your favorite farming materials!

    If you are interested in helping, be it by collecting cobblestone, wood, or dirt, OR are willing to fund the project, message me directly either in game or on my profile, and I'll let you know what you can do!

    Please, remember this is for the community! After three years on the server, I thought I'd give back, but I cannot do it all alone! Thank you all so much for reading!

    Thank you all and have a wonderful holiday,
    -Devon AKA Jellybutter123
  2. I got dirt lots of it.
    How much you need?
  3. I have a tree farm I'll let you have access to until you don't need anymore. All I ask is you replant the saplings. Axes are provided but they are iron :p
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  4. Will send 20k donation now.
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  5. Cool! Let me know some details via PM and I'll let you know when I'm going to use it! Thanks a bunch!