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  1. I've been thinking about getting a dog, but I'm not sure what type of dog to get. I want to decide on a breed before I bring it up to my parents.
    When I was younger my mom had a awesome dog we used to play with, and walk, but back then I wasn't able to take care of a dog all by myself.

    I'm 13 1/2 and have been thinking about what dog to get a few years now.
    The problem is my parents don't want a dog that is to big, or sheds to much.
    Also I'm not sure if they'll be willing to get one that is too expensive.

    Please help me find the perfect type of dog :D


    If you need further details ask in the comments below :3
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  2. Im bias towards Border Collie's. They are medium sized and the y don't shed much at all. If you're in America, I found my pup at a price of about 100$ with a contract included with that price.

    They are herders, but they are full of fun and love nice walks and a good game of tug of war ;)
  3. I used to have a cocker poodle. It was quite expensive, though I don't remember how much.
  4. :eek: nice I'll have to think about it.
    Seems like the next best dog :D (German Shepard's FTW XD)
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  5. Is Cat a dog breed? :p

    I always loved Golden retrievers and Irish Setter , but personally i would get a pug :D
  6. Get a pug and believe me, you will never need to water your plants anymore.
  7. If you want a dog that isn't expensive, will stay mostly healthy, and be a life long companion, adopt a mutt from the pound. Terriers, schnauzers, and shepherd dogs tend not to shed a ton, so look for a dog that has a lot of that breed in them.