Help! Mob Heads!

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  1. So I checked the wiki but could find nothing, and I need a little help here.

    How many mob heads are there? Can I get witch, bat, or squid heads?
  2. Here is a list of what I know:
    • cave spider
    • spider
    • zombie
    • skeleton
    • creeper
    • wither skeleton
    • magma cube (lavaslime)
    • slime
    • blaze
    • ghast
    • endermen
    • pig
    • cow
    • sheep
    • chicken
    • ocelot
    • wolf (have not seen one but heard someone saying they had one)
    • squid (heard the same from wolf)
    I have no idea about witch, and bats is a no. there is probably more heads, this is just from memory.
  3. Wiki Contributors, ARE YOU SLACK A LACKIN?
  4. pumpkin, melon (nick) and tnt heads were available too I believe.
    I have not seen those yet, but someone was saying they were able to get those.
  5. Villager head
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  6. I do not believe that they are available as of yet. Nick's melon heads are simply renamed player heads
  7. forgot that one :p
  8. They wont be available unless Aikar decides to do it in the future, nick admitted it was a troll.
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  9. I don't think those are out yet, but they are coming soon along with cactus and wood
  10. 'I know a melon when I see one'. Nick got me trolled then I guess haha, good one!
  11. Your saying the YouTube video that they both made together was a troll? If it is than I will stop giving tnt to my friends
  12. Nick told me that they were both controlled by him, nick used command blocks, possible /disguise mod and Troll ethics.
  13. yes, it was.
  14. RAGE!!!!!!!!
  15. I will be doing my best to get a squid head. :) Thanks guys.
  16. I announced in the thread that it was a hoax, although Aikar will most likely add them after Dragon Tombs. You can also not get witch heads.
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  17. It was a jolly good one though, got Aikar to send audio and everything :)
    You'll have to outdo yourself now nick :rolleyes:
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  18. Okay guys, looks like we already had a page on this but it wasn't down on the Custom Items page, I'll add the heads to it but I'll need list of heads that are definitely available, (ones you have seen the heads for)