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What is wrong with my grinder!?

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  1. I have built a mob grinder, but nothing is dropping down, and when I go to the top of it, there is no mobs. I know EMC made some edits to vanilla, the 64 block's spawning. I am in the 64 block radius and the grinder is less than 35 blocks tall. Still nothing is spawning. I have tried this design in creative mode and it worked, why won't this one work? I have rebuilt a different design and both still aren't working. I don't want to remove the grinder, because I just spent 3 hours making it/getting materials. If a staff is available, I could show you where it is.
  2. Sofar i know and that works for me, you need to be in 16 blocks or closer to the spawner in horizontal direction.
  3. Could we see some pictures of it? It might help us find out what the problem is.
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  4. Oh yeah, I will send some pics after I finish my homework. :)
  5. Update: I was lagging so bad, I didn't see mobs dropping. However, it is not at the best efficiency the farm can do. In creative, mobs are dropping like crazy. On emc, they are dropping 1 per minute. I think it might be entity count? I have a barn full of animals next to the farm. If its not entity, then here are some screenshots:

    Under The Farm

    Inside the Farm
  6. He is correct so if its not that then plz give more details
  7. I'm underneath the farm within 16 blocks.
  8. Ok thats good, so whats exactly not working?
  9. is the same farm working in creative mode ?
    Mabye the spawn area is to small, and then mobs refuse to spawn, long time ago i made a farm but i think it's 5x5 block from the spawner that need to be empty before you make the wall.

    But let's see what info you more have.
  10. Bump. Waiting for a staff to reply.. And yes, VoxelRay the same farm is working in creative mode.
  11. Mobs spawn 24 blocks away from you and will move (aka walk off ledge) up to 32 block away. So you need to be between 24 and 32 blocks away from the spawn pads.

    Other than that, you'll want to light up any caves or any area where mobs can spawn near you. Type /entc to see how many are near. You should get monsters spawning, not as fast as normal survival but still some.

    If you really want lots of mob drops, you'll want to start building over level 100, preferably on an ocean. That reduces how many spawns you have to compete with. Then the best designs use spawn platforms that move, this let's the mob drop even if he's out of movement range (up to 64 block away). Water based "flush" mob spawners are nice as well, just a little slower.
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  12. Animal and mob spawning are on separate spawns, as long as the animals are 20 blocks away from the outside of the spawner, and you don't have over 150 animals, they "shouldn't" cause a problem.
  13. I spent the last 2 hours lighting up caves, killing mobs. Found 3 ravines, a mineshaft and random holes that were dark. I went back to the surface, same spawn rate. :(

    I have used a lot more torches covering the hills, mountains, holes, and ground-level surface near the spawner with torches. Still, doesn't affect the spawn rate. :(

    What else can I do? I don't want to rebuild this.. or move it to the ocean.
  14. I used that kind of mob grinder, I always had mobs stuck in it that wouldn't fall. I just made a new one =P

    EDIT: I'd put a villager in the middle and a few cats in the platforms to scare any mobs down =P
  15. Thanks for the suggestion! I will try that tomorrow. :)
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