[Help] Minecraft on Windows 10 ?

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  1. Hey guys, so I must admit I have been considering updating to windows 10, but I am little worried about how Minecraft will be affected in the long run. So I've decided to ask around for some second opinions to try and find out what I can about windows 10 before I go through with it.
    If I update to windows 10, will I still be able to connect and play and go about my Minecraft
    gaming as I please ? Or will it change ? If so, How ?
    I've heard about Microsoft having Windows 10 Edition Minecraft... I am curious about what this is and if it's required for me to be able to play on Windows 10 !?
    Any and all information is greatly appreciated, thank you! :D
  2. My brother plays Minecraft on Windows 10. Nothing is really different about it. No extra downloads; mods are exactly the same; no extra performance issues. Only thing about Windows 10 (Not related to Minecraft) is that there are massive privacy holes.
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  3. I have updated to Windows 10 and minecraft has not at all changed. Everything works mighty fine. Go for it. :)
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  4. I've had Windows 10 since near release and not 1 issue. Nothing changed, all worked as it did in Windows 7. Minecraft Version for Windows 10 will not work on EMC I've heard. You do not need it to play MC. Your old one is fine.
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  5. All the above and if you want to get the windows 10 minecraft it is free as you own the game now. ;)
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  6. Working fine for me.
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  7. Works fine for me