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  1. Hey Guys, I'm Bored, so do you guys happen to know any good games that are for Mac and is NOT on Steam, and any games for the PS3??? Thanks.

  2. Did you actually bump this thread less than ten minutes after the creation of it?
  3. 8 minutes... That's a record!
  4. Not really. I have seen under two minute bumps before.

    Just try to remember that threads should not be bumped more often than every three to five hours.

    As for your question about games, Bioshock: Infinite.
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  5. Heh Heh Heh that's so me.:oops:
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  6. I'd recommend "The last of us" for PS3
    I saw PewdiePie play it, and it was AWESOME! =D (Yes, i watch him :3)
  7. Alright guys, listen up. I never have played a PS3 before, so I dunno crap. But obviously here's the game you need.
    NI NO KUNI!!!!
  8. Get call of duty, its loads of fun when you get mad and get to smash the dist in half! :D
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  9. You could always purchase a new Minecraft account with a trendy new name and continue playing on EMC, it would be cheaper then many other modern games and will give you back access to all multiplayer has to offer again. Hit me up in a convo if you decide to get another account and we'll discuss options. :)
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  10. The Last Of us.
    Iv'e got it. Personally I think it is one of the best console games out there. By far the best "Zombie Apocalypse"
  11. You can try Don't Starve - it is on Steam, but it's also available through the Google App Store. There might be other ways to get it.
    Also, if you want to try out lots of shorter games, head to - You have to kind of sort through the boring games, but there are a few interesting gems.
  12. For ps3 you could try get psn+ you get a bunch of free games every month and it's only 15 euros for 3 months as for mac try WoW it's free up to lvl 20 (I think). There is also runescape and if mmo's aren't your cup of tea then I suggest going outside and doing something proactive!
  13. PS3 - DC Universe Online, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed BrotherHood and Assassins Creed III, InFamouse 2, The Last Of Us, God of War, Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM ( last one very recomended ;) )

    PC/Mac ( ive got a mac as well [ High Five :D ] ) - Skyrim (again), DC universe(again), World Of Warcraft, StarCraft, AND, possibly the best game EVER that no one in EMC has ever heard about... MINECRAFT! :D
  14. I have a PS3, and I can say that Ni no Kuni is good. Although it is not without its flaws; it is still a good game.
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  15. Um..... I got MW, MW2, MW3, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2 so........
  16. Hey, I have StarCraft too! I should add you!!! (StarCraft I or II???)
  17. Thanks bro!
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