Help me!

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  1. Crisis time!

    Today I went out to get a haircut, just expecting a little off the top, and you know what this guy does? He chops off my whole flippin head of beautiful hair! Now, as you probably don't know yet, I am insanely picky about the way my hair is styled, and I need a way to grow my fabulous, luscious head of hair back quickly.

    Help me please!

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  2. believe it or not, mayo and hotsauce rub on your scalp
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  3. Well u could sing to ur hair, works on plants :p
    Or u could do it the other way and just get hair extentions :confused:
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  4. Time, that is the only thing that will grow your hair back. Be patient.
  5. Dude! Don't listen to him! Don't wanna turn out like this guy who actually listened to john:
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  6. Get a sharpie and color over it.
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  7. warm temps and a lot of protein will make your hair grow faster.
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  8. dandruff shampoo encourages and stimulates hair follicles to work harder