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  1. HI I really like the empire but got banned for stealing on my bday I was so sad!!!!! So I wanted to say I took an enchant table to my res so i could be safe to enchant. I was going to bring it back but was banned Can I please come back?
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  3. This isn't the correct way to appeal a ban - just because it's your birthday doesn't make you immune. You can appeal here:
  4. These guys are right. When you log on it will say the name of the person that banned you. PM them and say why you should get a second chance and how you will improve with STRONG reasons, not just "I like empire" and "I will not grief". Good luck with your appeal and remember that there are no 3rd chance.

    TIPS for the appeal:
    • Having other players testify will not help.
    • PM the moderator that banned you. They will be the most useful
    • be kind an sincere
    • do not be a pain to them
    • give a full and descriptive story
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  5. You have to start a PM with the staff :)
  6. What a n00b,follow teh rulez...
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  7. This is not helpful at all. And it's rather insulting to this guy as well, he might have just made an honest mistake.
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  8. Nobody is perfect, people make mistakes - there's no reason to attack and insult him. Like cddm95ace said, this is definitely not helpful..
  9. A friend of mine got banned 1 hour after he joined for an illegal mod. He appealed the ban the same day. We are forgiving people and nobody is perfect. Dj__Krazy, I remember when you first joined and we were both newbies once. Respect the man for at least trying to appeal. Most people who are banned are people who have never read the forums (and while I wish people would do more research on how to appeal a ban) and have no idea. 1+ for LEGEND4.
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