Help me with permissions config?

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  1. Hey guys im trying to configure the permissions for my server so people who come on dont have to be op to use commands such as /sg join /sg leave /spawn /home etc. I set it up and it wont work... at all. Can someone please help me? (im using permissionsEX but tell me if theres a better one out there).
  2. Haven't seen you on any servers lately. Where are you hiding lol?
  3. Googling now...
  4. ... i was banned over 2 months ago, bro.
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  5. I thought everyone knew that .....guess not.
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  6. I thought so too... lol
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  7. bump? any one good with this stuff?
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  8. Justin or Aikar should chip in on this.
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  9. I was thinking that... a copy of there permissions thing would be epic, but that wont happen, probably.
    1. they arent online.
    2. they have better/ more productive things to do.
  10. bump. please i need help on this...
  11. bump (for aikar, hes online now)
  12. bump... anyone?
  13. 1. Make a pastebin document (online, google pastebin)
    2. Copy in:
    (i) the config file
    (ii) the permissions files
    (iii) a plugin like
    3. Paste the link
    4. let me take a look and tell you if I can help
  14. Ok... i have no idea so i appreciate ur help :)
  15. okie dokie