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  1. ok... so i need help coming up with projects... that are fun... i have been trying to get back into normal minecraft... well... I turned into a pvp guy and i need help getting back into stuff. I get on once a week and well i am getting bored of minecraft it self and I can't get a fun project.

    -=+- CHALLENGE -=+-

    The first 3 people to give me ideas get 1000r each... They have to be fun...

    I am not intrested in Mob traps, Iron farms (unless i can hire a worker for 2k), and getting rupees.
    That is all things.

  2. Build a giant, multi-level maze under your res and have people pay 10r to try and escape it without using /res unstuck.
  3. Build a massive sprawling palace made of quartz/clay/netherbrick!
  4. Make a giant maze with buttons as teleports.
  5. Make a burrito.
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  6. Interior decorate a building.
  7. Ok so those 2 don't count becuase 1 is already mentions... and well it would not be fun because i would try and eat it
  8. This.
  9. K so now you cannot get the 1kr 3 people have got the stuff already done thx
  10. Then make another.
  11. Sorry... you dont know how many burritos i eat each night.... Taco bell refuses to serve me now
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  12. xD And that's how it's done.
    Make a giant Taco Bell, but call it Burrito Bell. :3
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  13. ok... i know i already ended the contest.. but i am gonna give you 2k because that is the best idea i have ever gotten! thx
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  14. It is more of an obstacle course
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  15. No problem :D :p
    I'll have the everything burrito with everything on it. :3
  16. :p I live in mini-mexico idaho... Every restaurant has to have atleast 99% mexican food... so i always go for the biggest best burrito i can... I have taken a 10 pound burrito... it was free because i completed it in 2 hours... they wont let me do the challenge again... so now you know i AM BURRITO FREAK!!!
  17. Why not build a giant Holdiay Treasure Hunt? This of course would be available only on holidays :)