Help me please! My goldfish needs help!

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  1. My goldfish has this thing about 1 and a half centimeters long hanging from it's...uh..bum. I suspect that it's poop. But what worries me is that the first centimeter is brown and then rest is kind off white and see through with kind of bubbly stuff on it. Also a little bit came off and all the fish are trying to eat it! If you know anything please reply. I love my goldfish and it is part of the family. AGAIN PLEASE HELP!!
  2. i'm a goldfish doctor maybe i can help... JK
    well luckily i do know some 'bout fish and dont panic just let ur fish be and it should be fine. And ur right it is poop but the other fish eat it because when ur goldfish swam around he caught a bunch of microscopic animals floating in the water
    could u send me a pic??
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  3. Ummm... I'm not much of a fish expert, all of mine died within the first week when they fled from me. By jumping out of the bowl and into the sink, which had garbage disposal running. D: Needless to say, I've never owned a fish again.
  4. god thats disgusting
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  5. That's ummm, terrible. It happened to my brother, although his were Bass, and they dried up. But, anyways, it's fine, it is just poop. That sounded so weird, and I'd never though I'd say that.
  6. I LOVE chopped up fish

  7. I don't like goldfish, they make me too sad. :( I can only keep them alive long enough to get attached to them, then they die. They generally only survive a little past 4 months for me, and it makes me feel sorry for them.
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  8. I dont like animals in cages
  9. I won one from a carnival, and it lived for 4 years :confused:
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  10. I won one in a carnival too, no joke it litterally lasted 20 minutes
  11. Perfect training for a young child. Seriously. If they get attached to it when it is alive, they have loved and when it dies, they understand the cycle of life. If you deny them the opportunity, they will not develop properly mentally.

    I had to LOL IRL when I read this. :D
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  12. It def. helped me deal with loss, but I wish my parents would've stopped buying me them at a certain point.
  13. I was like 6 at the time and I won a beer pong like game so they gave me a gold fish. We immediately took it home and put it in a fish bowl like vase. Well we washed out the vase with soap (I'm guessing fertilizer and soap isn't a good mix for fish, or anything to live in) and we put the fish in and 20 minutes later I gave it a burial at sea (the toilet).
  14. Dude same here. This exact thing happened to me as a kid. I also rode a pony at the carnival and caught the mumps according to some medicine book we had. I had weird white spots all up and down my leg where it touched the pony.

    It was a bad day.
  15. you want to see pictures of my goldfishe's poop?
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  16. No thanks. :D
  17. Why not? *licks lips*
  18. dont worry its just how life goes normally u will see it lying on 1 side if it is sick so leave it onlone
  19. My cousins and I won goldfish at carnivals and they didn't last the end of the day. My sister wins a Beta/Japanese Fighting Fish at a theme park 2 hours away and it lasted months longer than any of those.
  20. its a goldfish! u shouldn't be alloud to give them to kids at carnivals!