Help me picking a new phone!

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iPhone 6s 10 vote(s) 35.7%
Samsung S7 Edge 13 vote(s) 46.4%
Sony X Performance 0 vote(s) 0.0%
other (let me know in the thread) 5 vote(s) 17.9%
  1. Hey everyone

    I currently own an iPhone 4 and I'm honestly not very happy with it.

    It's slow, laggy, horrible camera and the battery time from a full charge is 3-4 hours.

    I really need a new phone and the market seems very full of many wonderful looking phones.

    Picking one is going to be difficult and I seek your help!

    I've looked at iPhone 6s, Samsung S7 Edge, Sony X Performance - That's what in the poll above the thread.

    You are very welcome to suggest other phones.

    As a fun little bonus everyone that votes and/or suggest the phone I'm gonna end up buying will recieve 1000 rupees :D
  2. I am a major fan boy of my current phone: LG v10

    I chose it for it's competitive price, good specs (4 GBs of RAM, 64 GBs storage, great cameras, etc). The only thing it isn't is waterproof. I took the trade-off so I could carry a spare battery, which I keep my my wallet. No need for a power brick :D

    EDIT: I have done my research, and I have changed my mind on the Sony vs. Samsung argument. I personally believe the Samsung is worth the premium. However, unless you really need that extra battery power, get a standard S7.
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  3. I am going to copy and paste my long reason for why I prefer Android:

    As for the Android/IOS argument, I personally could never stay with an Iphone for an extended amount of time but I see the point. Iphones are simple and do everything they are made to do really well. They game well, text well, and are typically very stable with much more support. For the average user, they are fantastic. Android does all of those with less consistency/stability. Even Google is frustrating at times with their support for their own operating system. What Android loses there, it makes up for in power to users. Almost every element of Android can be replaced with something else. For example, here is my current homescreen:

    This level of customization is unheard of on ios. You can make your phone look exactly how you want. The lockscreen, texting app, status bar, notification shade, and home screen can be completely changes and replaced. The ios ui just seem boring after a while. Android goes beyond just looks though. Apps are allowed to do much more on Android than they can on ios. Apps like Tasker are absolutely amazing and can be hard to describe easily. Here is a list with some fairly simple actions you can perform with Tasker. It doesn't end there. You can download apps from alternate appstores (amazon has one) or directly from the developer. There are apps in the Google play store that will let you write your own Android apps right from your phone and run them as well. Goog luck even broswing your file system on an ios device. Stock Android will even let you replace Android itself if you are feeling adventurous. In the end, I find it difficult to justify losing all this control switching to ios or windows phone.

    If you want ios, iphone is the way to go. If you want android, things get more complicated. The s7 seems to be almost universally loved by reviewers. I have an s6 and it is really good. The main problem I have is the screen destroys battery life but can get through a day pretty well. I would recommend the s7. The edge looks cool but has no real functionality but if the price difference doesn't matter I would say go for it. The Nexus 6p could be worth a look but is a bit on the massive side of things.
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  4. If you like iPhones, you shoud get the 6s or If you like the small screen the 4 has the SE would be good since it's the same as the 6s. For the S7 and Sony, I would go for the S7. The processors are the same but the S7 has more memory and 2k screen res which in my opinion is way more than needed for a 5.5 inch phone but some people like it lol. The S7 can take 4k video too.
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  5. Seeing as how you are already familiar/involved in the iOS ecosystem, it would make sense to stick to that ecosystem. Having to repurchase any apps you may have already bought can add a lot to the total price of a new phone. Not to mention having to find apps to replace ones that you may use that do not have an Android version.

    Personally, I prefer the iPhone for the very reason jkrmnj gave above: there is no customization. I like that my iPhone works out of the box, no extra work required. I don't want to spend time trying to find out the best setup that works for me, I just want my phone to work.

    Now, if you want customization, then Android is the way to go. If you want access to the file system, to root around (pun intended) inside your phone, then you want Android.

    This is really the only difference left between iOS and Android:
    Android = More Customization, Less Stability
    iOS = Less Customization, More Stability

    Besides that, there is really nothing left that truly separates the two. Minor features perhaps, but nothing that would be a decision breaker.

    Edit: Almost forgot, I voted Other on the poll, only because if you choose an iPhone, wait a couple months, for when the iPhone 7 comes out. You can either get the new iPhone 7 or purchase the then cheaper iPhone 6S. Apple typically releases the new iPhone in September, so waiting a few more months would be worth it.

    If you choose the Samsung, buy it now, cause there won't be a new one for a while yet.
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  6. Nice points made so far.

    I am leaning a bit towards the S7 Edge, but I am not sure yet :)
  7. I had a Z5 until I dropped it and the screen smashed. Still awaiting a screen fix (hopefully getting it back in a week, although it's been 'a week' for the past 2 months). It's the best phone I've ever had, so I'm going to be biased and say the Xperia X.

    Depends on what you're looking for, though. Xperias take amazing photos, but for most other things I'd reccomend the s7. My mum has one and it seems like a pretty solid phone, brother also has an S6 and loves it. Friend also owns an iPhone, likes it, but literally just because 'iTunes is on it', so I wouldn't reccomend one - the other phones all probably offer more than an iPhone and at a cheaper price. I can't speak for anything else :p
  8. Not an iPhone fan girl.

    But, what I do like is android, especially if Google is involved. Thus I bring you, Nexus. Or wait for the Galaxy Note 6. I personally love Nexus or Samsung.
  9. The 7 isn't really that great but if he does want an apple it should just be waiting for the 6s's price to drop
  10. iPhone, I love the simple UI layout, using android to me sucks, mainly because of the UI layout.
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  11. Based on some of the comparisons I saw, the Xperia X actually has a really bad camera compared to the competition.

    Adding onto what others have said:
    • Apple released their music app for Android. Not sure how much of the functionality came with it but might save some money on the switch. Also, you should be able to just export the files from itunes onto any new phone you get no matter the os.
    • Android really doesn't become worth it unless you are willing to delve in a little to find the amazing stuff. For example, there is an app on Android that will create a notification on your phone for Pokemon Go when you are near something. This works by analyzing the system logs for some debug messages the app gives off. Although it may not seem that useful, it can be fantastic if you have a smart watch or want your phone to respond to the pokemon in a way other than the incredibly soft vibration. If you wanted to get really complicated, you could set up an app called Tasker to detect those notifications and ring your phone loudly even if the volume is down and log the information in case you want to come back to the spot later. There is no way you are accomplishing this on an Iphone. These kind of bits of automation and control make Android cool. Once again, if you want your phone to do anything you want, get Android. If you are fine without that kind of control and power and just want it to work, go with Apple.
  12. Either the S7, the Nexus 6p or the Iphone 6s
    I would look on youtube for reviews on these phones. MKBHD, Jonathan Morrison and UnboxTherapy do great reviews on phones. If you do want a budget phone with flagship specs, the new OnePlus 3 is a good choice.

  13. This sweet thing's got a whole 3 hours of talk time battery life. And, you'll never lose this between the couch cushions. Retro is the new modern, and cell phones are getting bigger nowadays anyway, why not get the biggest possible? You seem like the type of man that leaves an impression, you whip this puppy out at a dinner party, those people will never forget about you. I'm telling you, sometimes less is more, but for cell phones? More is even more, baby.
  14. Everyone go home, Burger has won the internet for the week.
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  15. all though I voted for the s7 edge, it is a fine phone, got one for my baby after her last phone died. She loves it. I personally stick to the Motorola brand. I have had a Droid since 2010. I currently have the Droid Turbo 64 GB in ballistic nylon. Love it. The only thing i dont like is that it does not have a sd card or a slide out key board. Oh I loved my slide out key board from the Droid 1, 2 and 4.
  16. Might I recommend you get the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as it is a very fast and reliable phone ( I have one. ) and it can withstand a lot of damage.