Help me pick a new laptop...

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  1. Im down to two models..

    I need a few things..

    They must be able to function as a business comp, moving and traveling alot.
    They must be able to keep cool, also under stress.
    And finally, im tired of 30fps minecraft!

    The laptop is for.. Business, school and minecraft.. Thats it.

    The two models so far are:

    And - 1...lack/5764129.p?id=1218691611419&skuId=5764129

    Give me some advise, or link me some other laptops...

    Was thinking macbook pro with the enhanced screen etc.

    Other idea (links please) are welcome..

    (ill not reply today... This topic took me 30 min to make from a crap-phone!)

    Read my reply in thread!!!!
  2. Go to bed ! lol
  3. Go for the MSI
    It will be small screen for Minecraft but its for sure the best for Traveling and business
  4. Macbook it will never lag it has really high res.
  5. Have you checked out the Dell website? They will build the computer to your specs and are cheaper than the stores. Also, they deliver it directly to your home/business.
    ps. Have a look at ultrabooks, much lighter than a laptop so easier to carry around
    Also, don't get anything with a atom processor (just not powerful enough)
    Get something with an intel tegra processor.
  6. I would recommend an Alianware M18X as it is an extremely high graphics capable laptop and it runs games such as Minecraft at extremely high FPS! The screen is very big too. This laptop is rather pricey although there are other modules such as the M14X. It is quite heavy but is really reliable and I would 100% recommend. I wouldn't recommend a Mac as they are not as reliable as dell computers...
  7. yes but it will 1, weigh a ton, and 2, imagine rocking up to a business meeting and you pull out a alienware laptop, you would look like a nob.
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  8. Yeah true...
  9. Toshiba without a doubt, hybrid drives are good because you will keep files on the optical drive (the 1TB one) and run your OS on the hybrid which means it will be extra quick. :)
    Plus it has very good RAM and processor.
  10. macbook pro!
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  11. A little contest..

    msi gt70 0nd-204us

    Find me the cheapest price.. Ill give the one finding the best price and in stock - 5 diamond blocks.
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  12. in stock and cheap, much like the mother of all shops 1783 - Standard
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  13. Considering the monster you are making across from 1783 don't you think five diamond blocks is a little low? Haha no jk idk, but if you are going for the Toshiba try amazon, or ebay.
  14. Here is a good website to try, with decent independent reviews. It's UK, but it should be easy to convert the prices - and most (or very similar) are available in the US;
  15. Yo Dont be slagging my gator gangster bro PT hard core... That montser is gonna be Nasty!!! - Standard -.-