Help me. my browsers haven't been working since august-ish

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  1. So on my PC I'm only on Minecraft now XD
    Becuase my PC decided that it doesn't want me to play on the internet anymore

    I don't know what to do to fix this. Some players and staff in-game tried to help
    But most of the ways they told me included a browser.
    Please help me. I will try anything to fix it.

  2. So you can't connect to the internet, or your browsers can't connect to the internet?
  3. Try going to control panel and open "internet options".
    Select the "advanced" tab and click on "reset to defaults" button. Also hit the delete button on the "general" tab to clear out the cache. Remember and set your homepage again.
    Not 100% sure if this will fix your problem, but it usually helps with browser hiccups. :)
  4. Have you scanned your computer for viruses? Does it let you attempt to connect? Are you connecting to the right wifi network? <--nvm

    PS: I have a lot of trouble reading the OP (I can't read it quickly like I can read anything else; it may have something to do with the word choice and order)
  5. So your internet browsers won't connect to the internet but games like Minecraft work fine? If so, try a different portable browser. Download this on a computer with internet and transfer the files with a USB. Plug the usb into the bad computer and run the program from the Usb. If it works from there, use it to download a browser like firefox, chrome, or something else.
  6. Im a Little confused XD
  7. Is the only thing affected your internet browser or can you access the internet through things like Minecraft?
  8. I can't get on my browsers but I can get on Minecraft and that's about it
  9. Try doing what weeh666 said and see if that solves your problem.
  10. You can't open your browsers? Or does it say it doesn't have internet?
  11. I can open them, it it either says that its not responding , or has a long script, or asks about add-on
  12. I'm not really sure what you are saying XD
  13. This means it has nothing to do with your internet.
    Have you tried re-installing your browser?
    What kind of operating system are you using? And what kind of browser?
    And did you have any add-on's installed?
  14. Internet explorer, and msn.
    I have windows 8
    And I don't know what add-ons are
  15. I was about to ask if you had Internet Explorer. It's the worst browser in the world (this and what's ahead may sound exaggerated). On SOME links I click, it opens up Internet Explorer, and it crashes. Downloads are slow, and I got a virus by downloading Google Chrome using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is the number one browser for downloading other browsers :)
  16. Well.. There's your problem :p
    As the person above me stated, download google chrome / firefox .
    I prefer google chrome but If you like firefox better use that :)

    Edit: Oops.. I forgot you can't use your browser. Look at the post below for more info
  17. I would recommend getting a second browser. The instructions to get an alternate browser are as follows:
    1. Find a device with a working internet connection. This would preferably be another computer.
    2. Insert a usb into the computer
    3. Go to This site on the working computer, download the file, and copy it onto the USB using file explorer.
    4. Remove the usb from the computer and put it in the not working computer.
    5. navigate to the file on the usb and copy it onto your computer (your desktop is a good space to put it)
    6. Double click the file and run the installer. This will install Google Chrome which should work.
  18. Thank you all who helped me :D

    Im now typing this post from my pc :D

    Now if I could just figure out how to post pics on here XD
  19. Just click the upload a file button right next to post reply. Glad you got it all working.