HELP ME iPhone Passcode

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  1. Help me ive reset the passcode on my iPhone and now i forget. It had a 0- 6 - 8 - 9 but i forget what the combo was and i only have one try left!!!! help i think i will have a try at my old one but i need help!!!!
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  2. Your a goner.
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  3. heeeeeeeelp me
  4. Your asking for literally IMPOSSIBLE help. Your only hope is to re-download all your data, or take it to your local Apple Store.
  5. No whining.
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  6. Lol fail. What version iPhone? If it has iCloud and 'Wheres my IPhone' enabled, go to the iCloud website, let I find your iPhone, and reset the password by simply adding one over.
  7. If all else fails you'll have to restore it through iTunes. Syncing it afterwards should solve most of the problems with having to re-download all your content, as long as you've synced it to iTunes recently.
  8. I FIGURED IT OUT!!! and a glitch for infinite tries. for infinite tries just plug it into itunes and then when 1min disabled unplug it and plug back in. BTW its a 4s
  9. would have been easier to bring it to apple and have them fix it
  10. well i live about 30mins from an apple store and its 8:42 pm here and im 14, why not wait and figure it out. I made a list of all the possinle combos of the numbers i knew it involved and, of cours, it was the first one
  11. About to say if you put work passcode the phone will lock up for a sorta amount of time. I know because I used get my friends phone and put random numbers to locked it up lol you might think thats being a jerk but they have got me few times with it
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  12. I still can't condone guessing random numbers, that's more likely to result in disaster then solving 57/0... Speaking of...
  13. Oh... I thought as in 1 try left you set it too the option where if you got it wrong it deletes the data... but yes, syncing it with iTunes removes the timer.
  14. I always wondered, why do people always lock their iPhones, what is there to hide?
  15. Well when u have pesky brothers it's something to deter them from stealing ur stuff
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  16. Dude. Calm down. They have Apple Store Engineer's for a reason. Just go there and get it fixed. All you have to do is log them into your itunes account and they will handle it.
  17. But I already fixed it....
  18. Just reset it from iTunes
  19. I've fixed it without resetting it I'm getting this deleted so don't post please