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  1. Hey all!

    My 1200th day is approaching quickly, but 1200 is a lame number so instead, I'm thinking about holding an event for my 1234th day on EMC! Here is the problem:

    I have no clue what to do.

    Honestly, right now, I am accepting anything as it is approachin quick, but just post your ideas for an event for my 1234th day, and I'll take em all, and tally them up to see which event I will be holding :)

    Thanks all,
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  2. I have a neat little drop party vendor set up on my res that mixes trivia and dropping. Each room represents a multiple choice answer (a,b, or c) and the players who are right get items thrown down on them. I would be interested in letting you use the place or you could set up some other dropparty. Basically, people like drop parties :p
    Other ideas include hosting something at /fun on smp3.
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  3. Bump :) if there's gonna be an event, it needs to be decided nowz
  4. Bump, gimme some more ideas :)
  5. I think you know what you must do...
  6. Maybe a giveaway?
  7. Doesn't matter every time someone talks about a xxxx day event it never happens
  8. A 10 rupee giveaway. The 4 winners of the giveaway get 1, 2, 3 and 4 rupees.
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  9. Tell me master samsimx :O
    Sounds cool, noting it down now!
    That is the exact reason why I'm position this thread. I want to do one of these events, but I can't decided on what to do. Just to clarify, there will be an event! I have not decided, but there will be one :)
    It may be a stupid answer, but it's an answer nonetheless :)
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  10. Bumpin' it again!