{HELP} Looking for free editing software

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  1. Hey guys,

    So I had 3 editing softwares. I don't like them. Here was there problems:

    Windows Movie Maker: Too basic and crappy quality, even settings can't fix it
    Lightworks: Too advanced. It didn't make sense to me.
    Filmora: Had to purchase it for it to have it without the watermark ;-;

    So now I want better. I am not afraid to purchase something. Just exclude sony vegas and adobe premiere pro, thank you :p

    I am looking for free editing software that when I have enough I can purchase. I make gaming and update videos, and here is my computer in a nutshell:

    But I am looking for software that will not be a blurry mess, around 720p60fps or 1080p60fps. Thanks
  2. Take the time to learn how Lightworks is used. The concepts it introduces are consistent with the ones that pretty much any decent editing software uses. Getting used to multitrack stuff can be a bit hard at first, but over time you'll get used to it and it'll become second nature.

    Also, make sure that you're recording at the correct resolution. I checked your newest video and I'm pretty sure you're not.
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  3. My display is 854x480 in minecraft *windowed*

    And 1920x1080 in full screen
  4. Then you don't need software that can record and edit at 720p and 1080p. 720p is 1280*720px and 1080p is 1920*1080px. Right now your best best is to aim for 480p, as despite your computer being easily capable of capturing higher resolutions, your monitor isn't high enough resolution to display these resolutions (and therefore can't be captured).

    Although, are you sure your resolution is that small? It seems sharper than that to me.
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  5. Then your display isn't 854*480px. Check your display settings, and make sure that they're turned up to 1920*1080px.

    Then, for recording at the correct resolution:

    But yeah, Lightworks is good. Learn Lightworks.
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  6. Yeah, because I need more things crammed in my corrupted head of mine :p

    I tried to learn coding, I actually got pretty good at it. But then I crapped out on it and it got boring. I couldn't find a way to beg myself to begin coding again. If i learn something that should be hard, it becomes easy, when it becomes easy, it gets boring
    Point is, when I learn how to use lightworks, and i use it twice a day, for every week of every month of every year, it gets boring after a while

    I know you are going to lash back at me for this one up there, but I have a quick solution. If, somehow, i make money off youtube (Google owns youtube, and they know i'm 12 so I can't make money yet :p) or I make money for a job I do, then I could buy an editing software better than lightworks. So maybe there is that. and I won't use lightworks forever either.
  7. Did you know that the Blender animating software can actually be used for video editing? I use it and it's really not that bad.
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  8. I tried using blender for just animation and 3D stuff, it is for video editing? xD
  9. Any video editor is going to get boring to use after a while. They're not designed to be nice and fun to use - they're designed to be as efficient as possible, while offering maximum functionality. There's no nice way to put it - video editing can be tedious as hell, and very often isn't particularly fun. However, the more you use a program, the faster you get at using it.

    Lightworks introduces concepts that EVERY decent video editor uses (eg: multitrack editing). While there are some variations, what you learn while using Lightworks is pretty standard across editors.

    You are extremely unlikely to make decent money off YouTube. That's just how odds work.

    If you end up buying a "better" piece of editing software (eg: I use Premiere Pro - £15 a month) then you aren't going back to scratch. A lot of what Lightworks contains is exactly the same as what Premiere Pro uses.

    Every single video editor that's worth your time has a learning curve. The time that curve takes to overcome is pretty much completely dependent on the effort you put in.

    (and while I very much recommend against using Blender for video editing purely because it isn't designed specifically for it - it is indeed possible to use it for such uses)
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  10. You're right, i'll use lightworks, I might use blender as well and see if jay2a is lying being serious is correct.
  11. Lightworks wants me using Vimeo...
  12. Export at 720p and you can do it to YouTube (its a free version limitation).
  13. Ah...