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  1. Hi all, I searched the forums, and didn't find a direct answer to my question. If I did miss the thread please let me know.

    I have an underground layer and mine in the wild. I have a fair amount of ore in chests at any given time, and it would be helpful if I could lock them. I know folks have lock chests in the frontier, but I haven't been able to figure it out in the wild. Does anyone know if it's possible, and how it's done?
  2. You can lock chests in frontier, but not waste, if that is your question.
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  3. And if you have a base in wastelands, it would be best for you to move it to frontier, because the waste gets reset at random.
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  4. It was, thanks.
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  5. I do quite a bit of mining from there, otherwise I would.
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  6. You can't lock in the wastelands at all. In the wild, just place a sign above the chest. First line: [locked]
    The next lines can have the names of people you want to have access to the chest.
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  7. I agree that Frontier is where to establish a base.
    However, Wastelands is the best place to mine.
    So, I, like others, make a temproary base in /waste and mine a lot.
    Beacons, and other valuables need to be brought to town and/or stored in your enderchest, as chests are at risk of being lost in a /waste reset.
    I still use regular chests some, I just only put thinks like some dirt/cobble/food/wood, things that if lost in a /waste reset will not be that bad.

    So, for me and others, temporary bases in Wastelands are nice for mining / mob hunting / etc, we just have to be aware that they will be reset at some point, usually with less than 24 hours notice.

    I like our Frontier and Wastelands setups, be at your Frontier base on one smp, then switch to another smp to mine at Wastelands.
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    I lost several DCs of material and several enchanted pickaxes in one of the updates before. I was even online at the time of the update and there literally is little to no warning. So definitely don't store any valuables you aren't prepared to randomly lose.

    Anyways, you seem like a really experienced miner. I was wondering if you wanted to be a part of the mining community I'm establishing. Basically, you can sell your ores and mined material to me directly in the wild rather than having to cart it back to town. The mine is fully equipped with everything you need to just keep mining. If you think about it, carting stuff to town takes about 10 minutes, then you have to find a place to sell it, which takes another 5 minutes, then unload it at that shop at another 5 minutes, then go back out adding another 10 minutes. You spend half an hour selling stuff which only took 7 minutes to mine! You cut the 30 minutes down to 3 minutes to put the stuff in a cart and fill out a report. It does cost 12k to join, but you can expect to make about 8k an hour once you're trained and moving, so you can make that back pretty fast. If you want to know more, send me a private message.
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  9. Interesting. In the Frontier or Waste?
  10. So notice is given?
  11. Yes, but you only get about a day worth of notice.
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  12. And I'd like to add to that, it's not extremely explicit. If you don't check the forums often, you can easily miss it.
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  13. Usually, 24 hours notice before a Wastelands reset, but ...

    You have to assume No notice will be given, because sometimes you miss the 24 hour notice, and I think there is a disclaimer somewhere that warns about how /Waste can reset with no notice.

    But, if you check the forums every 12 hours, you might have 12 hours notice, worst case, but you cant always do that, and you cant always log on fast after reading the notice.

    I just assume one day my temporary chests in /waste will be deleted, and I am ok with that.

    I mine tens to hundreds of thousands of rupees worth of ores, and I leave maybe 3 thousand rupees worth of items in temporary chests in /waste to mine.

    I am glad that Frontier does not reset, so our bases are safe from a reset, and I am glad that Wastelands resets from time to time to provide fresh, close resources to gather :D.
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  14. If it was in the wastelands, it makes sense. They even say that it can reset without warning. The only time I remember the wilderness resetting, they did give a warning. They allowed everybody to use vaults in the wild so people could get all their stuff back to town.
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  15. That was for 1.3, right?
  16. I can tell you it was more than 2 years ago, never to be repeated :)
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  17. Wasteland obviously. :p My creations in the frontier are still there from years ago now. (In various forms of semi-griefness but still recognizable.)

    The notice was on the site only. I didn't check the site on that day. There was no notice given of the reset on the server at all. In fact, the server restarted and for the reason it only said updating. I even quickly grabbed my picks but when the server came back online there was no reset, so I put them back and continued transporting my stuff to town, and ended up losing them a few minutes later. So yeah, don't depend on having a day's notice unless you intend to check the site religiously every day, and you still wont know exactly when that reset will occur. That day of notice is not even guaranteed.