[HELP] Laptop freezing when watching YouTube videos...

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  1. Hello everyone. :)

    I have an laptop (win7), and a problem.
    When i try to watch videos on youtube it freezes the whole laptop, and makes a wierd noise... I can play Minecraft on it without crashing.
    Does anyone know how to fix it?

    Thanks. :)
  2. What web browser are you using?
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  3. it could be because of ads and stuff like that :oops:
    I have also had this happen before, and fixed it by getting an ad blocker... ;3
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  4. It's after the ads...
  5. Bump. D; i need help i'm going on holidays and i want it working...
  6. ummmmm if you are using internet explorer your silverlight might be outdated or your adobe flash player for any other browser, get the latest stable version of either and restart computer and see if that works
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  7. I'm using Chrome.
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  9. Could be a virus :mad:
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  10. The only thing it's doing is freeing my videos lol
  11. might also be your internet connection tbh, if your connection is shifty then streaming video quality will suffer
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  12. It not only pausing the video, it freezes the whole laptop. If i don't have full screen it also freezes my chrome etc.
  13. How old is the laptop?
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  14. oh....hmmm maybe its your graphics card drivers?
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  15. chek what happens when you use other browsers like firefox. If they also freeze up then something is wrong with you laptop or adobe flash. If they work then try reinstalling chrome or just use the browser that worked. Have you tried restarting your entire computer yet?
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  16. I think under 2 years.
    How can i check that?
  17. I do that almost every day :)
    I'm gonna try that, thanks.