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  1. hello everyone when i join it says join for free at WHAT DO I DO
  2. I got the same...
  3. So what do we do
  4. Wait for the server to stop having a bad one :p
  5. Are all the servers down? And, yes, I got that free access message too.
  6. Weird is the server down?
  7. EMC just crashed.
  8. Ditto. It's borked again; "Join free for instant access..."
  9. all servers seem to be down. Well up, except they are displaying that msg. Utopia seems to be fully down. Mods will fix this very soon no doubt ;)
  10. I wonder if mods are fixing it
  11. Moderators i mean
  12. all i can say to the people that wernt disconnected. GO TO YOUR GRINDERS! lol. they would be spawning like crazy
  13. The mods are so on top of sheet it's not even funny- they were probably fixing it before it was broken they are so on top of it. lol
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  14. faith, i thought i ran outta data -_- bought more :p
  15. hahah yeah they would most likely be on this as we speak
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