"Join For Free" Error

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  1. Dear Servers,

    Please stop messing up when Justin is (or near) sleeping. Thanks.

    We're aware of the issues. I've sent Justin a few alerts (as the site likely did). If you're getting the "Join For Free" error message, it will be fixed very shortly. Thanks for your patience guys and gals!
  3. Thanks ICC! We can always count on you and Justin!
  4. Haha, we can always count on you to make the bad things funny, ICC :)

    It's good to see you post, and it is fixed now, thanks :)

  5. ? What happened?
  6. The staff here are very dedicated :) Very good to see :)
  7. Good response from mods. Nice one.

    Just gotta say though, ICC, did you think more about my idea for a simple "status" line? I know it's probably one of 100 ideas of the list, but I hope it's on the list.

    Thanks again.
  8. yay!! woot woot! :)
  9. It's kind of a trait I've always had in life. It's VERY hard to make me mad or sad at things. I like to turn even the worst of things (when applicable) into something at least a little good.
  10. It's certainly something we have on a site upgrade list at some point. :)
  11. Thanks again for being so responsive ;)
  12. This is why I love EMC. Another server i use to play on had 170+ on at a time, which is big for them, but anytime they went down you heard this: "We cant call the dev, so just wait." My favorite was "we'll get to it."

    Very glad that EMC staff know how to handle situations. Servers down: "Justin was just awoken, will be up shortly." It doesn't matter where he is, what he's doing, he is there for us. The community.

    Thank you ICC and JustinGuy. <3
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