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  1. Hi I need some help!

    I want to put an image in my signature and I dont know how to do it. It says enter URL, What is URL? I have the image in a file in my computer. How can I put it as a signature? Do I have to enter a link where it says enter URL?
  2. go to - or i think it's called ... and upload to one of them and retrieve a direct link
  3. Thanks for your help, was really useful! Look my new signature
  4. you mean that rest in peace one?
  5. Imgur has the solution!
  6. Yes!
  7. URL stands for Uniform (or universal) resource locator also known as the address of a World Wide Web page.

    Upload the image to and use the direct link and enter it in the URL box.
  8. I did! Look my new signature!