Help I'm lost! *BUG* Admin Required!

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  1. Can u find a little tutorial.... Ik I'm a noob...
  2. what specifically cant you do? i have a bit of mod installing experience so i can help too.
  3. Im such a newb i need a tutorial!
  4. I would be very lost in the wild without way points.
  5. Had the same problem and IcecreamCow fixed it :D
  6. Ok so first is finding the mod and looking up whether it needs mod loader. If it doesn't say then it might not need mod loader.
    First go to the mc forums and get mod loader, by rigisumi. Extract it by clicking the extract folder thing by right clicking it. Go into the desktop where you should have it anyway and find the unzipped folder. It should have another folder inside of it with a similar name. Take this out of the folder. Now install 7zip or winrar. Click on the start menu icon and search run. Then click on run and type in "c:/users/yourusernamehere/Appdata/roaming" this might be wrong, but you should easily be able to find it online. Find the .minecraft folder. Then open it and find the bin folder. Open that and fine the minecraft .jar. Right click it and open it with 7zip or winrar. Then delete the meta inf folder. Drag all of the contents o the mod loader folder (should have tons of files) and then transfer. Exit out of 7zip but not the Appdata folder, you still need that. Run minecraft. It should have the mojang logo pop up. I it's a black screen, open up the mc launcher and click options then force update. Then run again. If it does work, go back into your .minecraft folder to find a mods folder was created. If a mod requires mod loader it usually will say to drag it into the mods folder in its native zip. All I rigisumis mods don't use mod loader, go figure. Some mods do and some don't. If they don't do what you did with mod loader. Some require forge. Download that and install just like mod loader. Nod loader mp installs same a mod loader.