Help I'm lost! *BUG* Admin Required!

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  1. It's not really a bug, its more of an oversight. But I do really need help.

    I was a diamond supporter but I decided to cancel my subscription because of lack of time to play. However while I was a diamond supporter I used the command:
    /map hide

    I am now permanently hidden on the Empire map and I am often getting lost. Can an admin please activate the following command on my account?:
    /map show

    Ideally there is no harm in making the "show" command available to all users a it would prevent this issue in the future.

    PS please move this to the Empire Help forum.
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  2. Fixed, you should be showing up now. :)
  3. Thanks! I was lost for about a day and I've been dreading going back to the wild!
  4. A good thing to help you never get lost again...Rei's minimap mod :)
    Since I have had that, I never get lost :)
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  5. I dont' know what I would do without waypoints.
  6. Same here. Death points are wonderful
  7. True dat!
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  8. Stealing my phrases now are we.
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  9. I hate to be "that guy". But I'm still hidden. :(
  10. Hm...try now.
  11. Gimme link to res minimap!
  12. Still nothing, I'm in world 6 and I dont appear on town or wild maps. not tried nether.

    EDIT: Just tried another world and I appear fine. Its just in my home world 6 I dont appear
  13. Okay now it should be fixed for all servers. Let me know.
  14. I could be wrong, but doesn't the /map hide feature have individual settings depending on what server you are on. (I am aware this doesn't make a whole lot of sense but i don't know how to rephrase it better lol)
  15. Thank you both. :)

    Credit is due to Risugami, I just took a screen shot and cut it down. :)
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  16. Plz break it down on the window part
  17. What more do you need? That is really simple already....