[Help] I can't do any formatting on my text?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Caeyde, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. I'm trying to make a thread, but when I try to change the font size, the font family the drop down box flashes up for a split second but then closes again, I can click and click and it doesn't work >.<
    Centering and such works on the text for a split second, but then goes back to normal. Bold, italic, underline and strikeout don't work either. Colours seem to be working fine though...

    Anyone else having this!?
  2. This is a long shot, but try holding Ctrl when pressing the arrow
  3. Nope, still keeps flashing :s
  4. What browser are you using and what extensions are you using?
  5. I've got Google Chrome and AdBlockPro, Google Docs and ColorZilla
  6. Try disabling all 3 of those, restarting chrome and trying again.
  7. Test
    Oh :D It's working now :D
    I think it might be ColorZilla breaking it...?
    Since I doubt it's AdBlock or Google Docs :s

    Thanks Josh!

    Edit: Ok it's just extentions in general, ugh
    I'll keep them all disabled for a while -_-
  8. I have installed all 3 of the Apps you have and I can still change the font size fine. It sounds like an underlying issue. Do you use Adblock or Adblock plus?
  9. Adblock Pro 3.1 according to the extensions tab
  10. I can't seem to reproduce it with any of the plugins installed.

    Try pressing SHIFT+F5 at the same time, this forces a completely new copy from Empires servers.
  11. I'll just leave my extensions off and see if it works tomorrow....
    Thanks anyway though
  12. Yay. No adblock :rolleyes:
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