[Help] How to set a horse's Home Res

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by EnderMagic1, Mar 30, 2016.



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  1. I am riding my horse on my friend's res, but when I get off the horse, he gets stored...
    It says this:

    How do you set a horse's home res? Or is it not possible? :/
  2. I'm pretty sure the "home" res is just your 1st res.
  3. no i can confirm that is not the case. Sometimes i dismount it and it says that it will go to iulti res(which I'm admin there),(i have 1st res on same server)

    Edit: but sometimes goes to my res
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  4. I think the "home" is where it was spawned.
  5. Well I bought it from someone else. How do you set its "spawnpoint" then?
  6. I think you have to hatch it from an egg.
  7. I solved the problem.. your "home" res has to be on the smp that you are on. The horse won't be sent to smp8 if you are on smp3 now. :/ Strange.