help! how do you tp from wastelands to town

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  1. Hey guys I'm a new player here and I have a question. I'm in the wastelands mining for ores and I want to get back to my home in town. But when I do /home it says you need to be in town. Well how do you get back to town? If I can't do this than how can I start over and get a new plot in a different smp server?


  2. There is no teleporting from the wild. You need to walk back to an outpost, and you can tp from there. Try using the live map.
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  3. thanks for the help :)
  4. Head back to the closest spawn. The spawns are at:
    • 0,0
    • 2000, 0
    • -2000, 0
    • 0, 2000
    • 0, -2000
    • -2000, 2000
    • 2000, -2000
    If you give me your coordinates I can tell you which is closest.
  5. (late reaction, I know): you can always get the URL for for livemap of the server you're on by using the /map command.