HELP!(How do I teleport out of the wild)

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  1. i=I am in the wild and i went to gather supplies and ores and such. Then i wanted to go to my residence but i dont know how to get back! HELP!:eek:
  2. You can only teleport when you're in a safe zone.
    If you're in the Wastelands, the main spawns are at 0,0 and 2,000 blocks surrounding that.
  3. you need to go back to outpost first to teleport back to your house. type /map to see where you are. I hope it helps, good luck!
  4. do /map follow back to outpost /home or /town
  5. how do i get to the safezone
  6. I'm stuck in the Wastelands (Overworld or Nether)
    • Using the Map
      • Do /map ingame
      • Click on the link (
      • You'll see your name on the side. Click it.
      • Scroll out until you see a yellow square. There should be 9.
      • Head to the one closest to you. Hover over the square to get its coordinates.
      • Go to those coordinates.
    • Using Coordinates
      • You can shortcut using the map and getting the coordinates you need.
      • The X and Z coordinates of any wastelands spawn will be one of three things:
        • 2,000
        • 0
        • -2,000
      • So, if you're at 1,573 X, 3,121 Z the closest outpost will be at 2,000 X, 2,000 Z
      • Head to those coordinates.
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  7. Thank you to all who helped i very much appreciate it! :)
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  8. Thankyou for your help it was very useful! :)
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