[HELP] How do I sell promo's on a shop sign?

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  1. how do I sell promo's on a shop sign?

  2. bottom line:
    [slot 1]
    Put the promo in the top-left slot in the chest.
  3. Thanks, so if I filled a row in, inside the chest would that still work?
  4. If the promos stack, keep them all in [slot1].
    The quantity on the sign should be set to '1'.

    To sell multiple promos that do not stack, fill the entire sell chest with dirt except for slot 1.
    Use another chest/hopper connected to your sell chest, so that the items will feed into your sell chest.

    This configuration also is the way to sell enchanted books, enchanted tools/armor, and horse eggs!

    Good luck with the sales!
  5. I thought that the shop will sell anything that matches slot1 before it sells the object in slot1?
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