[help] hopper doors

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  1. Darkflight12 asked me to post this for him, so here goes:
    On smp5 at Darkflight12s res, he has a "membership club" with a room, but he wants a working hopper door that can use a certain signed book to open.
    Darkflight12 will tell you the cost BEFORE you begin building, depending if he can supply the materials or not, so a full list of materials would be helpful. Talk to darkflight12 in-game to see if you want to do it :D
    If this isn't possible without command blocks, just post in the comments :s
  2. I thought books didn't stack :confused:
  3. Copied books do :) In 16's I believe
  4. Bump! Anybody gonna help this poor person on their res?
  5. Use an item sorter and a comparitor. Make a pulse extender to make it stay open for a few seconds.