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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to start a new thing called HelloKittyRo's Wiki! This is were I help out people and give information on some things! Remember, it will be completely random! So here we go!

    Oramge Krysyyjane Head Wiki:
    Link to actual wiki: http://emc.gs/wiki/orange-krysyyjane-head/

    Type: Misc
    Released: August 7nth, 2014.
    Update: Event Item
    Obtained By: Last block standing in any round of a game called FireFloor.
    This is the Orange KrysyyJane head. You can win it by getting last block standing in a game called FireFloor on smp4.

    FireFloor Wiki: http://emc.gs/wiki/firefloor/

    More to be added soon!

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  2. So your wiki is parts of the actual wiki just stuck into a thread with nothing else different added, or...?
  3. The "I'm so done" is strong in this one.
  4. That's, cool. I didn't know the Orange head was the prize for fire floor. Never guessed the colored head variations were event prizes.
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  5. You spelled orange wrong :/
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  6. I think it would be more convenient for you especially to just give people wiki links instead of having to constantly update a thread about the articles.
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  7. Didn't you say these things would stop? :p Plus, this thread is not that helpful, you are just copying the wiki.
  8. You missed the wrong spelling of orange, cmon dude.
    Edit- Nice edit :p
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  9. The head is called the Orange Krysyyjane Head, not the Orange Krysyy Head. She's right there. :p

    But HKRo... why copy and paraphrase the wiki when you could just link the player to the page, like you already did on the thread? http://wiki.emc.gs has all info a player on EMC could need. :)
  10. Really? I didn't miss orange...
  11. What happened to one thread in October XD
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