[Help] Hacking

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  1. So, this morning I was checking my rupee balance for some reason XD.

    I suppose I was on at 451 AM my time on a school morning?

    My brother is still asleep and he doesn't get on without his permission.

    Could someone check my recent activity IG?

    This is kind of freaking me out :/.
  2. Says you were on 14 hours ago on SMP4
  3. It says on my rupee history I sold a chest at 451 EST PM? It's 708 now.... :/ We need dem' mods up in here
  4. I was on 14 hours ago on my PC. This was 3 hours ago
  5. I don't have a shop either :/
  6. your most recent chat from that time was kind of odd...noone "hacked" you tho more likely you gave your password out or left your client open theres a way to change your pw on minecraft.net that i dont remember that should fix it
  7. What did I say for my last chat? Noone knows my pw
  8. someone does, or they accessed your computer. those are the only two explanations either way you should change your password
  9. The person who was on sold a chest to an unknown player!!!
  10. regardless you should change your pw, not rlly much we can do on this end
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  11. I changed it... :/ My computer has a secure pw atm. I don't know how they would get in :3
  12. :/ you werent even online. you more then likely have a playershop on someones residence on smp1 they bought something from a shop you put up somewhere
  13. I don't even have a shop! And it's an unknown member
  14. not a shop a shop sign...its on someones res i bet. think back at some point you made a shop selling chests on some random persons residence
  15. It would on be butergod but he's banned
  16. no he hasnt been online, it was just a random shop he put somewhere that he probably forgot about
  17. I looked through, I HAVE NO SHOPS XD
  18. skrillex, bitemenow is actually saying he has checked and there is evidence that it was sold from a shop. Some unknown player has bought from a chest which has your name on it.. It is probably nothing at all to worry about. Definitely not hacking :)
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