Help going too fast

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by nixinium55920, May 13, 2012.

  1. nixinium55920 (me) logged off in my chicken farm. I have lots of chicken's in my chicken farm but not sure how many to be exact. Every time i try to log on i get the error:
    You moved too quickly :( (Hacking?). Please help :/
  2. I haven't heard of this specific issue before, but it might have to do with the parge number of chickens. If you decide so, you can have them killed off by a staff member to decrease lag.
  3. They're probably pushing you around so fast when you log-in that it thinks you're flying. It has the same kind of message when you use piston elevators and use blocks glitching for too long.
  4. Yes although i thought if i made my chicken farm 1x1 then it wouldn't make me move. So in that case i thought i would be okay. Apparently i was wrong. Thanks though guys an admin fixed my issue. :)
  5. good! i had a problem like this with my own server where multiverse kept kicking me out of portals and i was banned whenever i joined because i was moving too fast. >_<
  6. Ah there is your problem! If you have a lot of chickens in a 1x1 area and walk a bit too close the "chicken ball"(as I call it) will push you away quite quickly ;)
  7. Yeah, same thing happens with skeles.
  8. Actually there is a glitch like that with mine carts that acts like a magnet. It pushes them away as it pulses! It's pretty cool actually but you need a pretty big space for a mob trap (like 8x8) and have minecarts spinning in a circle as long as they are furnace or chests. Then it acts like a pusher very second or 2 and it won't crush mobs! Only problem Is entity lag and it limit mob spawning because of that :(