[help] estimate of how much res 11111 is worth

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  1. Hi, as the title says how much would you say this is worth if not much I'll keep and build on it
  2. Is it near /town?? If not, it is not worth a lot.
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  3. Its two residences away from being on the edge of town, its not even worth a few r.
  4. It is a easy access res, so a good mega mall location.
    Who won't remember 11111?
  5. mmm... man i have all reses full... DARN.
    Can you hold this?
  6. Edge of town=outer edge of town lol.
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  7. sure I can hold it PM me if you would like it
    its about the res number not where it is. What difference does it make if its on the edge of town? its equal (position) to all the other reses except reses around the spawn
  8. People care more about neighbors than what number their res is, especially on smp5 since smp5 is more of a social server, and not a economy server. Smp5 has a history of failing in the economy aspect of EMC, there have been a number of megamalls that have been started, finished, but never taken off and thus tore down because its very hard to get people to go to them. Also, your res is in one of the most inactive parts of town. Res numbers don't sell anymore unless they have had significance in the past.
  9. I think its worth 11,111;)
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