[HELP!!!] Error Logs

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  1. Hi guys!

    Today I was Launching MC and this came up:

    I am using Forge with Optifine and Inv. Tweaks in the Mods folder.
    Please help!

  2. Try again?

    Also, if the oroblem persists, 100% sure it's something to do with your mods.
  3. I've tried many times.
    I know it's a problem with either the mod, or forge.
  4. You're using inconsistant mod versions. You need to downgrade everything to 1.8.

    Download Forge 1.8, NOT 1.8.X!
    Re-download Inventory Tweaks 1.8, NOT 1.8.X
    Re-download OptiFine (1.8, NOT 1.8.X) and place in your mods folder.
  5. What is the difference between 1.8.9 and 1.8?
  6. They're different versions. Your 1.8.9 versions of Forge and OptiFine conflicts with your 1.8 version of Inventory Tweaks.
  7. PenguinDJ, YOU ARE THE BEST!
    Thank you so much!

    It worked!
    However will I not be able to get 1.8.9 features in 1.8 versions?
    Also what are some new features of 1.8.9 not in 1.8?
  8. Bug fixes and stuff. There are no major changes and updates to the game in small updates. You won't be missing out on anything.

    Glad I could help. :)
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  9. By the way, Penguin, would you mind helping me make an InvTweakRules.txt for the mod Inventory Tweaks (v 1.5.9)?
    I don't really know what to put in what section and it's not working how I wanted it to be... I suck at coding :p
  10. This is a small issue with inven tweaks u need to delete the files and then restart your pc then redownload it
  11. Did u edit the code ? If so that is a easy way to mess up your mine craft
  12. O deep didn't that it was solved
  13. Its a config file, not code. Nothing can be messed up too badly.
    I've never played with inventory tweaks before (it's illegal on most servers I play on) so I wouldn't know exactly what to do, but I could probably figure it out sort of quickly.

    PM me a few pictures of your inventory setup made in creative and I'll TRY to make something next week.
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  14. I need 3 modes: 1 for EMC Town, 1 for Wild Building, and 1 for Wild Mining/Exploring.

    D1 for wilds should always be compass
    D2 always sword
    D3 pick
    D4 axe or shovel

    Thanks for helping me!
  15. I'll need more info than that. You have more on you than four things, right? Blocks, food, bow, arrows, etc?
    Go into a single player world and set your inventory up exactly how you want it for each specific setup. Screenshot, and send it to me.
  16. I'll try my best.
  17. I tried mai best.

    1st Configuration Name: Town

    D1- Empire Compass
    D2- Sword
    D3- Pickaxe
    D4- Shovel
    D5- Axe
    D6-D9 blocks
    Row A, B, and C more blocks or stuff

    Configuration 2: Mining

    D1 Empire Compass
    D2 Sword
    D3 Pickaxe
    D4 Shovel
    D5 Bow
    D6 Food
    D8 Dirt or Stone (easy-to-mine) block

    A blocks
    B arrow and other wacky objects that aren't blocks
    C ores :)

    Configuration 3: Building

    D1- compass
    D2- sword
    D3- Pickaxe
    D4- shovel
    D5- food
    D6-D9 DIFFERENT blocks (what I mean by that is don't have all stained glass panes or something; have a variety of blocks)
    Row A and B- more blocks
    Row C- wacky objects that aren't blocks

    Thanks so much for helping me!
    I tried to do the configuration myself but it wouldn't cooperate with me. I'm not a very good troubleshooter either :p