[Help!] CS:GO Won't Launch

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by TechFilmer, May 5, 2015.

  1. Problem:
    When I click launch it says preparing to launch CS:GO then it doesn't launch.
    Windows 8.1
    Intel i7 3770, 3.4GHz
    Nvidia gtx 970
    16gbs of ram
    What I've Tried:
    Going into the properties and validating my game.
    Typing -autoconfig in set launch options
    Also: Same problem happens for Counter Strike Source and TF2

    Basically for the past 2 months I've been looking on the internet for a solution to my CS:GO problem. So far nothing works. Your input or help would be EXTREMELY appreciated.
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  2. aww i have a mac can't help ya there bud
  3. Start by providing the specs of your pc and telling us what you have tried.
  4. Your saying that it says your game is already running but it doesn't actually launch?
  5. Have you ever run it before? If so, how much FPS can you get? Is it 'barely playable' or is it fine?

    Also, could you provide specs.

    If you are positive your specs are not the problem, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
  6. Updated
  7. Search on the Steam support page (or whatever its called) people have probably had this happen before and found solutions.
  8. Was there a crash message after you launch the game?
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  10. I've been on numerous sites and every option I've tried doesn't work. Since I'm not super techy either some of the more complicated options I stay away from.

  11. Watch YouTube tutorials (if there are any)
  12. There are none I've checked.
  13. Could this have to do with your graphics card? Try updating the drivers?
  14. Your hardware is top notch, so I doubt it's related to that. I suspect that windows is blocking the programs from running or did not allow it to install fully. You may need to temporarily disable your virus protection or data execution protection and remove/reinstall the games from scratch to repair the problem.

    This is sort of just a guess, but it does sound like the kind of issue I have seen with strict virus protection programs, or even firewall rules for network games. You might need to do some research depending on what you are using, and good luck.
  15. I've had this problem with older games that do not run on the newer operating systems, but this shouldn't be a problem for the new counter strike :/. I had to run the games in another windows version (think it was xp), I'm not on my pc right now but i can have a look into this next time I am, and test because i am also using windows 8 :)
  16. TF2 is an older game and his card is new, so that is why I'm not thinking it's that.
  17. Have you tried running it as Admin? Seems silly to post, but it often gets overlooked as an option.

    Also you can go into Properties > Compatibility and changing it to Win 7 to see if that does it.
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  18. does it launch and then stops? does it show an error? if it does, read it. if not then I don't know whats the problem.
  19. Some virus scanners(?) like Kaspersky block steam from launching games. I don't know how I solved the problem (maybe by not updating it in a while) but look into steam support about what programs block launching steam games (i don't know the link)
  20. i agree