[HELP] Crash Problem!

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  1. So, Sometimes (3/5) times playing minecraft this error randomly appears and closes minecraft

    Error: http://pastebin.com/J9hzRmgX

    I had to make it on a link to paste bin because it's too huge to make it fit in like 4 posts.. :p
  2. and now... I'm stuck in someone Res's Each time I log in, It doesn't even let me teleport and crashes :/
  3. Ask to be kicked? I'm honestly stumped.
  4. Brb, i'm going to try and scan the error-log with java. See what's causing your problem, but Aikar is honestly more suited for this.

    Probably just a data overload or your RAM or CPU or OS isn't being very nice to you.
  5. Contact a mod to try and tp you to them to get out of the res you're stuck in. The only thing I can reccomend to fix the crashes is this:

    I think you've been running out of memory. Did your minecraft say
    "Minecraft has ran out of memory!"?
  6. I got the same thing... Im on windows 7 64-bit, 24gb RAM, Nvidia GT 520 graphics card, and an intel i5 2500k OverClocked CPU... I had a server running as well as minecraft on a server.
  7. Well minecraft crashed, not the bukkit server...
  8. It didnt run out of memory...
  9. Yes, minecraft's memory IS your ram. it uses your RAM to run the thing... it doesnt make its own memory...
  10. I have already allocated more memory to minecraft (It actually never crashes because of the memory)
    It's not a server issue, It's come incompatibility problem I guess (I read it somewhere in the report)

    I somehow escaped that residence and I don't have the problem. The only thing that bugs me is that,it just happens randomly..
  11. Yes, I am because i also know Java... Minecraft has 8gb allocated to it and the server has like 10gb... Its not going to crash... Memory isnt the problem
  12. Minecraft Memory - IS YOUR RAM - Memory usage means RAM - God dude.

    By the looks of things, It's caused by too many mobs in the area and your computer can't handle it.
  13. :p thanks for agreeing with me and showing him he doesnt know all of it... yes, memory=ram, but I was on my personal server on a fresh world...
  14. In the report it was also somethings like Coordinates of chickens,players and stuff like that.

    EDIT: It only started to happen after 1.3.2
  15. Yep, The crash is caused by too many chickens in one place.

    What residence is this at?
  16. There was too high of a mob count and that caused your client to crash. According to the error log there was alot of each mob in that res.
  17. Aren't you like 12? 0.o
    or are you...?


    I don't think it's the mob amount.
    It's probably a lot less than what I had at the 1.2.5 server (I had farms cause I used to do some Spawn egg business)
  18. Yes, i'm 12. A very smart one who shouldn't be in year 8.
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  19. And im 14 and in high school... Ive been programming for a while, please stop this dang BS about who knows what better, and about if memory and ram are the same (which it is... common sense) and talk about solving this problem.
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  20. I didnt say that u cant program... ive never had lessons... i just teach myself from: 1. the internet and 2. experimenting (mostly experimenting).