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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for some information on enchanting, specifically the minimum level book required to turn a lower level enchantment into a higher one, eg. Efficiency III into IV.

    Any links would be much appreciated, thanks. :D
  2. I'll give the example with Efficiency. From now on Efficiency is called E.

    E1 + E1 = E2
    E2 + E2 = E3
    E3 + E3 = E4
    E4 + E4 = E5

    This works with all Enchantments, but for for example Unbreaking, it can only go up to Unbreaking 3.

    1 = I
    2 = II
    3 = III
    4 = IV
    5 = V
  3. Huh? ... you need two same level enchant to get next higher level enchant.

    What do you want again?
  4. Okay thanks! :)

    So Silk Touch I, Unbreaking II and Efficiency III would need Unbreaking II and Efficiency III books to become Silk Touch I, Unbreaking III and Efficiency IV. Great, thank you. :)
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  5. Indeed. :)
  6. Yes, but occasionally when using anvils I've found that you can't put some enchantments on it even if they are compatible.