[Help!] Can not login!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Jakebag, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. I have just came on and i can not connect to minecraft.net (via in-game launcher) and i also can not connect to minecraft.net! Anyone else having this issue?
    Edit- Everything working now problem solved:D Must of been a error or something
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  2. Yep.

    *Riots and sets fire to a nearby parked car*
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  3. Works now aha! Like a 1 minute down time lol
    Edit- not working again, when i connected my minecraft crashed
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  4. Yes this were happening to me too... but now it's up :)
    EDIT before post: Down again -.-
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  5. Minecraft.net now works for me, but not in-game launcher
    Edit- Launcher now working, problem solved:)
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  6. In about 46 seconds expect to see a "it's gone down again -.-"
  7. Please, use this website to help. http://help.mojang.com/ It will tell you what is down, minecraft logins are currently down. Green means it's running ok, red means it isn't running at all.
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  8. Cannot*

    And if it is down, let the threads begin!
  9. It is down again
  10. Im in now so im okay xD
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  11. Any1 known when it will be ok again?