[HELP] Auto-killer Momentus...?

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  1. So, I've probably killed about a dozen Momentus's in the Wild so far. And, of course we get another spawned, so I'm ready to go kill it the same way I've killed the other 12. I go in, and right as he sucks me in, I get auto-killed?? This has not happened to me ever, and it is quite frustrating because I've been able to kill all the others with no trouble. I even put Iron Armor on (I didn't use armor on the other ones) and still no difference. I'm quite confused...it's whenever he sucks me in, I just die automatically. Anyone got an explanation?
  2. Yes.
    It's an auto kill when he draws you in.
    Unfortunately momentus and Marlix just got a bajillion times harder to fight.

    EDIT- Here's a link.
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  3. I've already read that and did not read that Momentus received a damage dealt buff. This is actually stupid though, seeing as Momentus automatically draw you in when you get close to him. Therefore, you can't kill him, and he just auto-kills you. Awesome.
  4. It is not intended to kill Momentus without armor, its intended you have pretty good armor to kill smoothly.
    1.6 changed damage some though, so they may be doing higher damage.
  5. I had armor on and still was auto-killed though is my point. Prior to the update, yes, I killed too many without armor (which I understand is unreasonable seeing as this is a boss we are talking about). However, a one-hit auto-kill with a full set of Iron Armor on does seem a bit OP in my opinion.

    EDIT: In terms of the actual amounts of damage done: after being teleported to the Momentus and killed, I went to just retrieve my stuff, and my armor (which started at almost non-broken) was more than half-way broken. So that one "hit," basically took out 70% of my armor.
  6. P.S. - now I have a Marlix to deal with. I can tell you that the improved Spawn Rates are working.
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  7. He's auto killed you since the beginning i believe :)
  8. Nope :) Like I said, I've killed about a dozen, and haven't had trouble until this Update.
  9. Momentus auto-killing you with armor on is NOT intended. Don't worry, we're aware and still looking into the problem. It doesn't have to do with how we made him, but something Minecraft changed with 1.6. We just have to narrow it down.
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  10. Alrighty, well good to know this was not intended...Too bad I was the one to have to find this out for the first time, like usual :p
  11. The momentus before this recent update should leave someone with plain diamond armour with 1 heart left.
  12. Do you mean that when you actually fought Momentus prior to the August 12th Tweaks and Update, you wore Diamond Armor and often found it hard to finish him off (i.e. - killing him with very few hearts left)?
  13. No. In the survival update thread, it says it deals enough damage to leave someone with full diamond unenchanted armour to be left with 1 heart after 1 hit. That means he 1-hits iron people. I prefer my momentus fried with tartar sauce to be killed by me wearing prot 4 diamond and a sharp 5 sword.
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  14. just so you know buss there have been many people that have had this issue i myself have lost about 10 set of god gear to the momentus bug
  15. Oh. I better stay in town if he 1 hits people with god gear…
  16. Never said there weren't, only said that I was the first one to actually post about it. :)
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  17. 2013-08-13_22.44.06.png

    No need to worry anymore
  18. this has been fixed - and slight correction on the above - he leaves you with around 1 heart WITHOUT armor.

    unenchanted Diamond can take like 5-6 hits.
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  19. He didn't take a heart off of me from the initial teleport, but yeah, good fix. It was definitely harder than it has been prior to the Update, but not impossible. Thank you guys for that tweak.
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