Help and a Hello!

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  1. First off, I don't need help anymore, I figured it out :p
    Secondly this:

    Hello thou there in the great empire,
    for thy has been here for a while.
    Know most by name,
    and some not-so-much.
    My riddle is this,
    What stays eternal after put in place?
    Only to be moved by another's strength.
    What surrounds you outside,
    grass, houses, or vines?
    My name is known,
    but not here, nor now.
    The following has happened before,
    and will happen once more.

    So, try to find out what I mean by that...
    And I hope to see and meet new friends here. :)
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  2. If you are logged on to the server you can open up the live map on this site, or go to 0,0 or 2000 2000(those are outposts) and you will see the spawn.
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  3. oh nevermind xD I was unstuck after I did /tutorial ;3
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  4. Heavily updated main post ;3
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  5. :D Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
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  6. Even though I welcomed you in game... :p
    Welcome to EMC, Clovis :)
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  7. May I ask you a question: How did you find my profile? I mean, what did you make to post on my page? Oh, and thanks for the follow;)
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  8. Woah der!
    :p Hi, I'm brickstrike, but, as I have seen you post on other(s) profiles, you seem to know a lot of the people here already :p Welcome (back) to the empire!
  9. I'm gonna say that its a brick alt

    Bricks, so umm yea

    and if not an alt, welcome to the empire