[Help] Allocating more memory?

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  1. I noticed when I did F3 on minecraft.. It showed I only had 50% of my memory allocated on the game, Would increasing this to like 100% make it run faster? It's currently using like 30% of the 50% that's been allocated.

    How do I allocate more memory to MC?
  2. It'll only make a speed difference if minecraft start's using 100% - If your not using 100% and you give it more memory you can get undesired results (Mainly HUGE lag spikes)
  3. I play in the town with my FPS around 8... on wild it drops to around 0-4FPS depending, I don't think giving more memory would hurt if I get a bit of lag. ( 0 FPS is unplayable as it's stuck, 1 FPS it's ALMOST as 0 FPS, 2 FPS is just really laggy.... lol :p) Unlike my Dads PC that can run 160FPS.. Free Of Lag.
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  4. Get a better PC. lol
    How much RAM does your PC have?
  5. Nice! My toaster only get's 2 FPS in town - Must be a good make of toaster you have there.
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  6. 1GB or like 960MB

    I will get a better Pv ofc.. YOu'll only need to give me 400 more dollars and I'll get one (I just need like 45US To complete and get a 8GB PC)(With a Gxcard)
  7. you can't allocate 100% of your ram because other programs need to run (like windows/macintosh/linux etc) which you should leave at least 1 gig for. if you need to allocate more you can download magic launcher (which is still very much like the default launcher but has more options such as ram allocation) to add ram to this amount. ram in minecraft though does not affect performance much since it is used for things like entities. it will be useful for large animal farms or wheat farms that are automatic.
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