[Help] Aikar Signiture

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  1. So I recently bought this little beauty 2014-05-03_14.52.27.png
    But when I showed it to Rainbowchin, he showed me the picture of Aikar's inventory before the DP and I saw that he had a stack of 16 books, and a single book in his inventory. I was wondering if anyone has one of these books, or if it is a one of a kind item, also if it is 1 of 16, what was the single book Aikar had in his inventory before the DP?
    Thanks- mman2832
  2. I have no idea as I never made it to any dropparty held by a staff member :c
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  3. I am almost certain that the single book was the initial book that was made, then clicked on with the middle button (fancy creative trick) to make a stack)...so i'm thinking about 17 in total were given out at that party.
  4. Cool thanks, know of anyone who has the others?
  5. Bump, can you confirm this Aikar?
  6. I can confirm that there are more in circulation, as I am also in possession of 1.
  7. I don't remember how many I gave out, but its def not unique.
  8. ok thanks