Help ! 2 Marlix are attacking me!

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  1. Need help! 2 Marlix are attacking me at the East Outpost of the Wasteland in SMP 1
  2. Need help to fight them or need help to get away? I can probably try to come up with some distractions for you to make it back to the outpost, but sorry to say I don't really feel like fighting them in hopes for any gain. Fact of the matter is that I always disliked fighting Marlix and I can only imagine that things have become worse on 1.9.

    Keep in mind that those mobs normally do not attack you unless you provoke them (attack them first). Also keep your difficulty settings (/diff) in mind; if set to 7 or higher then these mobs auto attack. But that would then have been your own choice ;)
  3. I'm trying to gather Minerals minding my business and then they just appear causing a ruckus and disturbing my peaceful day. :( I am Gathering Dark Oak logs and saplings
  4. Unfortunately I think your options are limited here; either to defeat both of them or maybe you could relocate to another waste area... Normally those custom mobs despawn after a while.

    Maybe a tip: keep your /ps settings in mind. You can turn the option for spawning these mobs on or off. You'll find those in the "survival" section.
  5. But I came there first and they spawned in so I will not leave and I will not fight because they are really annoying to kill. :(
  6. I thought the Server restart would delete them but they are still there?
  7. Oh come on now Momentus! It's Momenteus and 2 Marlix versus little old me! :( Sheesh!
  8. Ok I killed Momentous. now there is only 2 Marlix left.
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  9. Trooper! Got anything good out of it? Sometimes they drop cool stuff like weapons, armor or even (vault) vouchers!
  10. Oh great after killing the 2 Marlix yesterday, 2 more respawned! This must be a Marlix Hotspot or they are hungry for some of this Delicous Panda meat. With only 2 rupees a day you too can rescue a Panda like me from Bulllies like Marlix. :(
  11. Oh and i keep my diffucult at 7 because dropping it any lower isn't any fun! :D

    PS: They only gave me Dragon Fragments and tokens for killing the 2 Marlix. There are 2 more up right now if anyone wants them.
  12. You should consider lowering it. It doesn't seem you're having too much fun with the mobs.
  13. It would be too easy to gather materials if I were to lower it, I usually announce things like this to notify those boss hunters where they currently are so that if they want they can kill it.
  14. Hi Daguman,
    Some players hunt the minibosses specifically. If you hop smps and ask in town chat, you may find someone who hunts these mobs for fun. For example, Kaptrix LOVES Marlix in particular. You can try smp8 and look for Kaptrix, rdmaster, or MrCDub to name just a few of the people who enjoy killing them. You might get lucky, or there might not be anyone online when you are, but it's worth a shot.
    You can also turn your difficultly to 1 (there's a timer on it if you are in wild or waste if you do it there and not in town - just hide your body in a safe spot and go afk while it resets your difficulty). With it set that low, you can mostly ignore Marlix. He'll usually fly off if you leave him alone. Momo can be a tad trickier since he can teleport you to him. If I'm busy and don't feel like killing him, I just give him a wide berth. Or run/pearl past him really fast and don't engage in any fighting.
    Hope that helps a little, luck!
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  15. I specifically looked at this thread because I saw you commented and thought you might have mentioned me haha. I haven't fought a Marlix on 1.9 yet. Could be fun.
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  16. Here's an alternative, you could look for another forest with dark oak logs. :)
    Try lowering your difficulty, you will survive longer.
  17. No on both counts, I was there first and they keep spawning in 2 Marlix, Momentus and some skeletons riding skeleton horses! I don't run! I get annoyed! When they bother me too much then I take of my voter gear off and equip strongest gear I have and destroy them! I was only checking if someone wants them before I end them! :D
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